Incorporated in November 1990, the Ottawa-Carleton Headstart Association for Preschools (OCHAP) is an organization representing staff, parents and Board members of Headstart Preschools, licensed under the Ministry of Education, Childcare and Early Years Act.

OCHAP was established in response to the urgent need for advocacy and networking among Headstart programs dealing with issues of poverty, family stress, public housing, multiculturalism and other factors affecting child development.

OCHAP’s stated purpose is:

  • To support and advocate for Headstart Preschool programs,
  • To advocate and inform the community about early enrichment programs for young children,
  • To provide a central body to coordinate services to families with young children,
  • To advocate on behalf of families participating in member schools,
  • To offer continuing education opportunities to early childhood educators and staff,
  • To support parent education programs.