1602 Telesat Court
Gloucester, Ontario
K1B 1B3

Ph: (613) 747-7800 Ext 2092
Fax: (613) 747-4456
Director: Tanya Thomas
E-mail: tanya.thomas@casott.on.ca


The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Headstart Nursery School is a program of the CAS of Ottawa. We are committed to the CAS mandate of keeping children safe and secure, both within their families and the community in which they live. Our role within the CAS is to support families in caring for their children and to promote the well being of children and families.


The Headstart Nursery endeavors too assist children to reach their full potential by offering a warm, safe nurturing environment which promotes early childhood development and attachment through emergent curriculum.  Children develop readiness skills and resiliency to support them as they enter the school system. Our learning environment is carefully planned to meet the special needs of children whose families are being supported by the Ottawa Children’s Aid Society. In partnership with parents, our goal is to assist the child to become curious, confident, competent and ready to learn.

Program activities are planned using the ELECT document which is the recommended curriculum framework guide for early childhood programs in Ontario.

Our day encourages activities in pre-math, pre-reading, science and physical development which enhances cognitve, motor, language and social development.

Target Population

Clients of the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa-Carleton, children 18 months to 4 years, Anglophone and Francophones


Registered Early Childhood Educators, students and volunteers


The Children’s Aid Society Headstart Nursery School is located on the ground level floor of the Children’s Aid Society office building.


The Children’s Aid Society Headstart Nursery School provides limited transportation.

Days and Hours of Operation

  • Toddler Program (18 to 30 months): 9:00- 3:00 Monday-Friday
  • Preschool Program (30 mos. to 4 yrs.):9:00-3:00 Monday- Friday

Maximum Number of Children

16 Preschool children

10 Toddler children

Child to Staff Ratio

Preschool 1:8

Toddlers 1:5

Services for Children

  • Transportation provided within the catchment area;
  • Visits and assessments through OCHAP’s Speech and Language Pathologist;
  • Nutritious breakfast, hot lunch  and snack;
  • Field trips in the community;
  • Early identification for children with developmental concerns, Nipissing Development Screen and the Brigance IED-II;
  • Regular dental screens;
  • Play based learning;
  • Outdoor play daily;
  • Bridging to Full Day Kindergarten.

Services for Parents

Parents are expected to actively participate in their child’s learning; by attending with their child, being involved in the outcomes of development screenings with the child’s teacher, volunteering once a month, assisting with field trips, and participating on special occasions.

Parents receive intensive support for CAS Child Protection workers and referral to appropriate communtity resources for parent education