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Ottawa, Ontario
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Program Coordinator: Janet Murphy
E-mail: coordinator@hmns.ca

Executive Director: Julie Lalonde-Moisan; email: ed@hmns.ca

Mission and Philosophy

The purpose of Heatherington Nursery School is to provide a full-day Nursery School program, which will benefit the child, the parent, and the community. The school’s philosophy is to enable children to participate in a program designed to meet each child’s individual needs as well as their social, physical, emotional and cognitive development. The staff encourages and promotes language development throughout the program.

Target Population

2 ½ to 5 years of age


The program is staffed by a team of 2 Registered Early Childhood Educators. Staff continuously take advantage of opportunities to upgrade and broaden their skills through attendance at workshops, seminars, conferences, and courses related to their field.


Heatherington Nursery School is located in a purpose built child care centre, named Cornerstone Children’s Services. The school’s environment is innovative, with self-contained rooms equipped with designated play areas of play and storage areas. The outdoor play ground is one of three outdoor spaces designed to promote motor skills and introduce the children to science. There is a climbing structure, sand box, bike path and garden areas


Transportation is provided by the Roxborough bus company for our bus run in the morning and afternoon and is available to clients living within a specific catchment area.

Days and Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m – 4:30 pm


Statutory Holidays and the week between Christmas and New Years.

Maximum Number of Children

24 children

Child to Staff Ratio


Services for Children

  • Heatherington Nursery School provides a program for pre-school children designed to promote development in all areas including: language acquisition, problem solving skills, school readiness, self-regulation, socialization, healthy physical and cognitive development and greater self-esteem.The program offers children first hand experiences and opportunities which promote active learning. A dedicated staff create a nurturing, learning environment which fosters confidence, self-expression and creativity. Activities for children include:
    • Library, puzzles and building toys. Includes opportunities to develop language, literacy, cognitive and manipulative skill
    • Dramatic play.
    • Art. Includes language, sensory and creative opportunities
    • Science. Includes opportunities to question, wonder and explore.
    • Field trips. Frequent field trips give children first hand experiences in their community, expanding their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.
    • Language Development Program — Speech/Language Pathologist consultation, assessment and referral.
    • Nutritious and hearty meals. Two balanced meals and snacks are offered:  breakfast, morning snack, hot lunch and a healthy snack before departure.   All dietary restrictions/allergies are adhered to.
    • Positive Behaviour Guidance. Includes opportunities for children to develop self-regulation and control, self-esteem and problem solving through guided interactions with staff and other children.

Services for Parents

Heatherington Nursery School has an open door policy for parents. Parents are invited to participate in the program, special events and field trips. Parents are encouraged to participate in the running of the program through involvement with the Board of Directors. Six positions on the Board are reserved for parents including the positions of President and Vice-President.  Parents are able to access on going progress and daily activities of their child through StoryPark.

Agency Information

Heatherington Nursery School is managed and operated by:

Hawthorne Meadows Nursery School, Inc.
Executive Director: Julie Lalonde-Moisan

2330 Don Reid Drive, Suite 102
Ottawa, ON
K1H 1E1

Ph: (613) 731-2440
Fax: (613) 521-8356