The Ottawa-Carleton Headstart Association for Preschools has recently conducted some research on gaps in services in the City of Ottawa. These documents are available for individuals who are interested in understanding and addressing issues facing families with young children, new immigrants, the economically-disadvantaged and single parent families.

We encourage you to use this information in efforts to improve services in our city and communities on behalf of our families and children. We also request that you credit our organization for any use of this information.

Get Adobe AcrobatOur documents are available in either Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format with some available HTML (.html) format. To download a free Adobe Acrobat reader, please choose the link on the left.

pdficonOCHAP’s Brochure (pdf format)

This document provides a quick reference on OCHAP. It includes information from this website, as well as the application form for membership to OCHAP.

pdficonProfile of Headstart Programs in Ottawa (pdf format)

This document provides more detailed information on each Headstart program in Ottawa, including the number of child care slots, hours of operation, and activities for children and parents.

pdficonOCHAP Flyer (pdf format)

This document is a one page flyer that lists the OCHAP preschools within Ottawa. Feel free to post the flyer at any location.

pdficonOCHAP Tranportation Report (pdf format)

OCHAP Tranportation Report is a review of current transportation systems and recommendations for children attending Headstart Programs. The report identifies the complex set of issues facing Headstart programs related to transportation of preschool children. It includes a literature review which pinpointed concerns related to transportation safety such as the incidence of accidents, importance of qualified drivers, the use or non-use of safety harnesses, the construction of vehicles, policies related to loading and unloading of children and planning of the school bus route. In addition, an analysis was conducted on the transportation component offered by the Headstart programs in Ottawa.

pdficonOCHAP Best Practice Guidelines for Transporting Preschool Children (pdf format)

As a result of a review of the Transportation Report, OCHAP has developed a best practice guidelines for transporting preschool children. This document contains recommended policies regarding route planning, loading and unloading children, emergency evacuation, field trips, use of child safety restraint systems and vehicle safety features. The best practices guidelines were created to assist drivers, provide staff orientation information, and identify responsibilities of the child and the parent/guardian in the transportation of preschool children.

pdficonOCHAP 12345 Basic Steps for Giving Your Child A Headstart (pdf format)

This booklet is intended for parents who are considering sending their child to a Headstart program. The document explains what Headstart is, how to apply for a child care subsidy, and lists the Headstart locations by neighbourhood.

pdficonEarly Enrichment Programs for Young Children: Gaps in Services from a Headstart Perspective (pdf format)

A report on gaps in services to families with young children — which synthesizes recent research from a variety of sources including interviews with Headstart directors, focus groups of Headstart parents, client and citywide demographics, and a review of the existing service provider network.

pdficonFocus Group Findings with Parents (pdf format)

A summary of findings from 11 focus groups of parents who use Headstart programs in Ottawa. Answers to questions regarding their opinion of the Headstart program, as well as their perspective on the gaps in services to families with young children in Ottawa.

pdficonKey Informant Interviews with Headstart Directors (pdf format)

The Directors of Ottawa’s Headstart programs share information on their perspective program and viewpoints on issues facing families with children in their respective communities and throughout Ottawa.